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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a great day! It is the first day that everyone here is back to our normal health!!!!!  Thank goodness!! All of the kids made it to school and stayed the whole day. Except of coarse baby Rory who stays home still. I was even feeling well enough to do a little shopping in between dropping off and picking up the kids. Bye Bye Mr. Flu, it was not so nice playing with you.  LOL

I have a ton of projects that I am working on, but do to the bug that hit our house I am so very behind in getting them done. So today will be a short post so I can get a few things done to share with you. 

Since I am working on a few birthday projects I will post some of my favorites from Benjamin's 5th birthday. It was a cooking/ Dr. Seuss party and we had a blast!
 Here is my little birthday boy!! He really did enjoy his whole day, I just couldn't get a good picture for anything.  He is sporting his Cat in The Hat  Suess Chef Benjamin apron with matching hat. Of coarse every chef needs a good towel close at hand and what could be more fitting then a Blue Fish hand towel. LOL
 All of the kids enjoyed listening to our head chef's instructions before heading into the kitchen to begin making our treats.

Each child received a red Cat in The Hat apron with their name embroidered on it. That was a HUGE hit with kids and parents alike!

Birthday Wishes are made and then we got to feast on our treats that we just made.  Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears a Who Elephant Ears, and Cat in the Hat cupcakes.   


Here is a better look at the outfit, I had to make him 2 different shirts because he wore one to preschool on his birthday, and of coarse they painted and I couldn't get the stain out in time for his party the next morning.
Well, now I need to make dinner and work on a couple of birthday goodies so more festive fun can be had. 

Thank you for reading about my little corner of the world! Have a GREAT night!!!

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