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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sesame Street Birthday outfit!

A friend asked me to design a special outfit for her sons upcoming party. This is what I presented her with earlier today.

It was such a joy to try out a few new characters and make this outfit for an adorable little boy. I was able to make Oscar and Cookie monster in full applique so in person it has a 3-D quality.

Thanks for taking a look at my latest creation and taking the time to stop by my little corner of the world! Have a wonderful Day!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Afew more Monkey pics

Here is the pink soap cupcake.

This is the front of Benjamin's apron.

Wil's apron front. There were 3 different boy fronts but I am looking through my pics for a photo of the boy applique apron.

Here is Tori's Apron front

That is all I have for now. The kids are really off today and I need to get them set for the week. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day for the kiddos maybe it was just a bit too much excitment for one weekend . 

Thanks for stopping by my little courner of the world!! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do!!!!

Monkey See, Monkey Do,This Monkey Cooks how about you?
Tori turned eight and wanted to celebrate by cooking cupcakes!

Here is the birthday girl!
What a happy little monkey!

Well I should start by showing you how all her little monkey friends knew when and where to party!

I made the invitations out of bulletin board die cuts, themed stickers and a few different sized mailing labels.

This is a look at the goodie "bags'I put together for the boys.

and here is a look at the girls' loot.

These are washcloth "cupcakes" with mini bubble centers and topped with pom poms.
You can also see the muffin tins which I spray painted a chocolate brown and used pink glitter for the girls and blue for the boys. These make great trinket holders and are fun for magnet play too!

Here are some adorable "cupcake" soaps the kids and I made using the old ivory soap trick and a little paint and glitter.

Okay, this one I really love! this is a strawberry plant starter kit from the dollar spot (75%off no less!!)topped with a little tissue paper and a monkey eraser.

Also included in the goodie bags( a bath poof with a squinky as a topper, banana rubberband bracelets, monkey tattoos, various candy and sugar filled yummies, a pencil with a foam topper made by the birthday princess herself!)

Speaking of the Birthday girl, every princess needs a special outfit for HER day. Here is a look at Tori's monkey/cupcake outfit.

I will post pics of the aprons I made for her guests and miscellaneous fun things tomorrow because those little monkey took alot of energy out of me today so I am off to SLEEP while my little monkeys are tucked into there beds with dreams of monkey bread and chunka munka ice cream dance through their heads.

I would like to end on this, Tori has always been a very shy girl who found it difficult to be social in any way, so this year when she asked (for the first time ever) to have a birthday party with all of her friends I was through the moon excitement for the progress she has worked so hard to make. Today was not only a great day of partying with 2nd grade monkeys but also marks growth for my little TT, I am so proud of her and while I am enjoying every moment I can with her I am very excited for the person she is becoming  and the grand things she is going to show this world! 

Happy Birthday Tori!!!! I am immensely proud of you and love you move then words can express!!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and stopping by my little corner of the world.