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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Starting Out

Okay so I am very new to this whole blogging world but I wanted to share my amazing, wonderful,chaotic and offten very loud life with those of you out there who are interested.  I have been so busy building my family and working on teaching them the values and common life lessons I want them to grow up with that I kinda missed the fact that I do have a very unique life and people might want to hear about. So this is my attempt to tell my story.

Let me start out by saying I have 8 kids in my home ( yep eight LOL) My life has been blessed with and created by fostercare and adoption. Each of the kids has a unique story of his or her own but for now I want to focus on the family as a whole. There are 10 of us in this small but loved MN home. My mom Betsy, myself (Hi again I'm Erin), Andrew 15YO,Michael 11YO ( as of yesterday eeek! they grow up so fast), Tori 7YO,Benjamin 5YO, Matthew4YO, Molly 3YO, Cassie 22 months and Rory 3 months.  My mom has adopted Andew,Michael, Tori, and Molly. I was blessed to adopted Benjamin and Matthew, and Cassie and Rory (because of rules I am sharing the names that we will give them after adoption has taken place)are still foster babies.

The Whole Gang!
Andrew 15 years old
Michael 11years old
Tori 7 years old
Benjamin 5 years old
Matthew 4year
Molly 3 years old
Cassie 22months
Rory 3months
Okay so now you have met the gang and it is time for me to get them ready for another day tomorrow, so I will say Goodnight and try to write again very soon.
Thanks for reading a little about my life!

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