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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inspration for Creation.

    Well now that you have met the whole family you now see where my inspiration for creating unique clothes comes from. As our family grew and became as unique as the day is long. I was constantly looking for ways to connect the kids to each other and myself. As I said in yesterday's post my family has been created through foster care and adoption which can cause bonding and unity problems. So being that I sew and sketch when I need a creative release. It only seemed natural to me to make clothes for the kids.  Not to mention that when the kids out number adults in the quantity we do I needed a quick (and cute lol) way to identify and locate the kids in crowded places. So I would make themed outfits or t-shirts and that way if my head count was off I would know what color to search for or I could remember exactly what the child was wearing. All of this sounds great albeit a little over protective, the only problem with my (in my mind) genius plan, you can't plan for all the what ifs in life.( and we have A LOT of what ifs) and I have only had 2 heart stopping OMG where is he/she moments. Yep, you guessed it neither time was a day when the kids where dressed together LOL go figure.  

   From my overprotective control attempts I discovered that the kids preferred to custom clothes and I so enjoyed making outfits and such for them. So I would make birthday outfits,holiday outfits, school outfits, special event outfits and even special family game night lounge wear. Well that is pretty much when we decided (my mom and myself) that we wanted to open 123CuteAsCanBe to share with others these adorable outfits that have meant so much to our family. 
Below you will see random pictures of some of my favorite outfits.


There are a couple of my personal favs. and now I have to go do dinner and bedtime routine. Thanks for reading this and have a great night!!


  1. omg, CUte as Can be is the perfect name!! this really is as cute as can be!
    xoxo, Tiffany